Sunday, October 05, 2008

Red shoes

new shoes
Have you ever been totally obsessed by a pair of shoes? I never have; never understood the passion that some people (usually women) can have for shoes. I've always been a practical person, preferring comfortable flat shoes for most occasions. I think this came about after sneezing while wearing a pair of high platform shoes in my early twenties and putting my back out for three months (yes, I know that sounds highly unlikely, but it is true!). So when this pair of red shoes took my eye when I was buying myself a pair of slippers last weekend, I was totally shocked at my reaction. Anyone looking closely enough would have seen my pupils immediately dilate. I was a woman in love! Another woman in the shop had been trying them on and debating whether they would be a little too wild for her role as a doctor. The shop assistant suggested the black version, but the doctor dismissed black as boring. Of course she was right. While the black version were simply elegant, the red ones were to die for. She bought the shoes, but I just didn't dare look at the price tag. I knew they would be expensive. They smelt expensive.

I went home, happy with my new slippers, but I couldn't get those shoes out of my mind. All week I kept thinking about them. I looked up the manufacturer online and found a picture of them that I could drool over, but this simply wasn't enough. I had to go back. If they didn't have my size or they felt uncomfortable, it would be fate deciding that I was not destined to own them.

I walked into the shop and there they were.
"Can I have these in a size 4 please?"
The assistant disappeared downstairs to the stock room.
"Only in black, I'm afraid. We've only got the red ones in a size 3."

Now it has been known for size 3's to fit me, but rarely. I decided to try anyway. I felt like Cinderella as I slipped my foot in and pulled up the zip at the side. They fitted as if they had been made for me. I walked around the shop and they were surprisingly comfortable; the leather soft and forgiving. By now I had looked inside and seen the price. It was no shock as I knew they would cost that much. Without a moment's hesitation, I was handing over my card to pay. However, the best bit of this story is that the shoes have now become a very early Christmas present for me from J. Thank you so much!