Friday, December 21, 2007

I thought my cellulite was getting bad, but...

I've just found a lipoma on my thigh, at least that's what my GP says it is and it's going to be removed. For those in the audience (Have I even got one? For all I know I could be talking to myself!) not in the know, a lipoma is a benign tumour, largely made up of fat, I think. This is not some ploy to get liposuction on the NHS and sucking it out is not an option, as far as I know. At the moment it's about 8cm across and the doctor said it would just get bigger if left. It's weird really, being so big, you'd have thought that I would have noticed it sooner. Something to look forward to in 2008 :-/


  1. Hei Navas, no, I'm here so you're definitely not talking to yourself. Sorry to hear about the lipoma thing - but as long as it's benign, it's more an annoyance than anything, yes?

    Wishing you a happy Boxing Day anyway, and hoping you've had a lovely Christmas so far.


  2. The doctor says it'll be day surgery under general anaesthetic and that it'll be very painful for a few days. As long as that's it, I'll cope. I suppose at the back of my mind is that I imagine walking might hurt and that I might not be able to drive for a while.
    Have had a lovely Christmas so far, thanks, including a conversation with a couple of foreigners in Helsinki and a video chat with a heap of cousins in Spain. Hope yours is fun too!

  3. Ah, those foreigners in Helsinki. Hope they are doing well, too - I'm too hermitty to see anybody at the moment, I fear.

    Hei, thanks, yes, it's been lovely not moving to a timetable for once, but I'm distinctly bad at that, so am now beginning to feel agitated, like I ought to be achieving things...

    Hope the surgery is less painful and debilitating than you're now envisioning it. Will obviously be thinking about you when the time comes.


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