Saturday, April 05, 2008

Birthday blues?

With yet another birthday coming up within a matter of hours, I had been starting to feel ever so slightly depressed. Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder how I managed to get to be this age. I've also noticed one of the hidden benefits of growing older is that as the wrinkles increase, so your eyesight worsens. So while initially you are aware that they have started to appear and spend good money believing every anti-wrinkle cream's promise of eternal youth, eventually the wrinkles start to blur in front of you...and it has little to do with the money you have spent!

Every year around this time I feel this way and have found a good way of getting over it. Yes, retail therapy is the answer; I buy myself a birthday present. This year the urge to spend a rather large amount of money grabbed hold of me and shook me violently. I will very shortly be ordering myself a shiny new Apple iMac. It's better than looking in a mirror.

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